Our mergers and acquisitions practice involves representing both buyers and sellers in a broad range of transactions.  We assist our clients early on in the mergers and acquisitions process by advising boards of directors of their fiduciary duties in the context of a transaction, negotiating the terms of letters of interest, drafting confidentiality agreements, and reviewing presentations by investment banking firms.  Once a letter of interest or term sheet has been accepted, we are actively involved in due diligence, drafting the definitive merger agreement, preparing press releases and filing applications and registration statements with the bank regulatory agencies and SEC, respectively.  Because executive compensation and benefits issues are a key part of any successful merger transaction, our Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits group is actively involved in all phases of a merger transaction. We have completed more than 150 merger transactions in the past 10 years.  As a result, there are very few transactions that would present novel issues or structures for us.  We represent both commercial banks and savings banks, as well as their holding companies.  We also represent mutual savings institutions and mutual holding companies in mergers with or acquisitions of other mutual and stock financial institutions.  We have represented mutual holding companies and mutual savings institutions that have acquired credit unions, as well as savings banks that have been acquired by credit unions.

Stock Company Mergers and Combinations
Mutual Mergers and Combinations
Branch and Asset Purchases
FDIC-Assisted and Supervisory Acquisitions