Luse Gorman is one of the leading law firms in the United States in total common stock offerings by commercial banks and savings institutions. Additionally, since 2000 we have been ranked consistently as the number one law firm nationally in mutual holding company transactions and mutual-to-stock conversions, which involve both minority and secondary common stock offerings.

We work with clients to assess their capital needs and how best to achieve them.  As issuer’s counsel, our attorneys oversee offerings involving common stock, preferred stock, subordinated debt and medium-term notes, as well as private placements and venture capital financings, on both a best efforts and firm commitment basis.  As part of our services, we work closely with clients in choosing the most advantageous state in which to incorporate their holding company, if a holding company is being organized to issue securities.

We have also acted as underwriter’s counsel in a variety of financial institution offerings, and represent private equity and venture capital firms investing in banking businesses.

Public Offerings of Equity and Debt Securities
Private Placements
Mutual Holding Company Reorganizations and Minority Stock Offerings
Mutual-to-Stock Conversions and Stock Offerings
Investment Banking
Private Equity and Venture Capital